Commerical Investigation

We are proud of our vast national international contacts, specialising in conducting comprehensive commercial investigations to protect clients intellectual property reputation. 



Due Diligence

Encompass the assessment of company-wide issues including quality of assets, liability issues, personal and business reputations, etc.  


Intellectual Property

Carry out in-depth investigation of counterfeit products, and copyright infringement and provide evidence on the background of perpetrators, locations and distribution network. 



Fraud and Management Malpractice

Investigate suspected business partners and management, and educate them in precautions against fraud and theft. 


Competitive Intelligence

Provide clients with the latest information about the industry and the market, in order to understand the competitors, reduce potential risks and to further develop new business. 




Human Resource Investigation

We are committed to assist human resources professionals in investigating business crime and misconduct, to avoid negligent hiring and prevent any damage to the reputation of the company. 


Pre-employment screening

Identify the qualified candidates by verifying the accuracy of employment history, educational history, credentials, as well as criminal record. 



Integrity and background Check

Analyze the characters, and integrity of individual and business, especially key management personnel or major investors. Different types of information is often uncovered, including personal history, business interest, assets and financial status.  


Employment-related Claims

Scruntinize suspicious employee's claims in different aspects, such as work-related injuries, absenteeism, malingering, abuse of sick leave, and other types od expenses.



IInternal Fraud

Conduct investigations on illegal payment of commissions, bribery, disclosure of confidential information, forgery, and any other misconducts. 






Individal Investigation

We exert great efforts to help you find the truths that can make a great impact on your life. 


Activity Tracing

Deploy professional physical surveillance operations and use the most modern sophisticated equipments, which enable us to monitor individual's behaviour and activities anytime and anywhere. 


Tracing Target/ Missing Person

Investigators with expertise and a large global network can help clients locate defendants, witnesses, heirs, debtors and even lost relatives.